Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13

For the next week I am going to be a goth
I am doing tech for 'Our Town'
I am going to need to disappear into the curtains
I am going to work on costumes
I am not supposed to be seen.
For the next week I am going to be a goth
I dont have time to change
I dont see the point in changing at school
I dont think I can go home and
I dont want to be seen during the play

So now
Say goodbye to my colorful clothes for the next week
Because I suppose I am going to be goth

Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 11

My world fills with color
And orange

Happy holi
I say

People I haven't met before 
Covering me in colored dust
My white jacket
But in a good way.

Happy holi 
I say

I smile and laugh
My now purple hands swiping across 
The cheeks
Of my friend's

Happy holi 
I say

Now I sit,
My hair finally not purple
My clothes changed back to black
Eating pizza rolls
Watching gossip girl
And ignoring the outside world

Happy holi

Friday, March 10, 2017

March 10th

Its a dystopian world. 
Rusty stairs
Creaking after every step
Flying down the stairs,
my hand propelling me
pushing me
and further
One story
The world flying by 
Out of the window
covered in rusty metal mesh
Every step followed
by a loud 
I fling my weight forward 
My feet lightly tapping
On each stair
Faster and 
I reach a landing,
jumping down on the 
Four stories
One more,
I run, leaping onto
the cold
Six stories down,
I run across the street,
and catch up with my dad,
walking into the movie theater. 
Its not a dystopian world. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 8th

Its ultimate season again
New players means
Flying disks

And although I say new players, I have to admit, 
after a year I'm a little rusty
But I was called half of a whole
Threw a good throw
And had a real good time
I look around and see
Same coaches
new drills
new players
and the few of us who have played for the past three years
stick together
I don't know names yet,
But I'm sure I will learn.

Running the track I smile, then gasp for cold hard air, running with the wind.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 7th

The dark green mixes perfectly with the light. I glide the large brush in loops, the colors mixing. I tilt my gaze up the latter and smile, because I get to paint with one of my friends. We both have the same green, our brushes swirling in the same direction. We laugh, and as we climb higher on the latter to paint the sky, I make diagrams to show what it is I am talking about. The blue leaps off of my brush. Music blasts on overhead speakers and somehow, I manage to have a deep conversation sandwiched between funny stories or discovering similarities.

 I smile.

I had a bad day, but a good night. Suddenly I am happy we had to stay late to paint. Today I was given a gift that I wear on the chain around my neck, added on. The sun is bright yellow, both in the mural we are painting, and in the sky outside. Walking to wash our brushes, the real sun is blinding. The afternoon makes up for the day, and I am happy.

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6th

Dear Four-year-old Sofie,

Be aware of time as it passes you by. It goes faster than you think. Yes I know, you are four and its 12:00 and you miss your mom, but please, Pause a second. Look around you. Soak in your best friend's face, you wont have one of those for a while. Enjoy having a time when you can skip and have an entire break for snack. Soak in the view of the flowers covering the playground. The bright green grass in the summer. And in the winter, your wistful fascination for the snow. Watch as your hot breath leaves your mouth and you can pretend your a dragon, skipping and hopping, the best you can in snowpants. Enjoy it while you can that the world melts away as you picture yourself elsewhere, because you have an overactive imagination. Listen to your laugh, like tiny little bells, and smile ear to ear. Please enjoy the advise of older buddies, they will help you along your journey. I know that whats ahead is going to be hard, but you are in it for the long run. What happens at Logan is special, you are lucky to be here. Time passes much quicker than it should be allowed too. Time passes faster and faster. So please, just stop. Everything, everyone, you. Just stop. Smell the flowers. Savor the faces that pass you, the air in your lungs, and the words tumbling out of your mouth. Take this time to learn about the things you love. Little me, believe in what you love, and stick with the people you love, you cant make it through life without them. Learn lessons from your mistakes, and grow up, slowly, and enjoy it, but grow up. Live your life. Live it well. Stick with the people you love, and do your best. I believe in you.
Good luck,

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 5th

Today I realized I had missed
I missed
It felt like a blow,
falling into a hole,
and suddenly I was
full of regret
and a little bit of sorrow
it was the first time in two years
that I had missed 
a day
two days.

But now i'm back,
and right on track
ill do my best,
even though I missed.

But Im Back!